Tuesday, September 1, 2020

ValueSetters’ Newest Portfolio Company, ChipBrain, to Raise Funds via Netcapital

BOSTON--(-)--ValueSetters, Inc. (OTC:VSTR) announced the company has taken an equity ownership stake in ChipBrain, adding the innovative start-up to its portfolio. ChipBrain is building an emotionally intelligent AI platform that empowers sales professionals by providing live coaching during customer calls, leading to increased success rates. ValueSetters will work closely with ChipBrain’s team to accelerate the company’s next phase of growth. ChipBrain is currently engaged in a round of fundraising via Netcapital.

“ChipBrain’s mission is to empower communicators with augmented persuasion capabilities. Our technology extends state-of-the-art research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). ValueSetters has been instrumental in transforming our research technology and deep learning innovations into a business,” said Curtis Northcutt, ChipBrain Co-Founder and CTO, whose PhD thesis at MIT focuses on augmenting human intelligence using machine learning.

“Working with ValueSetters was seamless. They quickly understood our vision and spent weeks helping us prepare our offering launch,” said Lisa Vo, ChipBrain Co-Founder and CEO. “From conducting market research to crafting our pitch, ValueSetters truly invested in our success.”

“We’re very pleased to join ValueSetters’ portfolio and formalize our continued partnership,” Ms. Vo added. “We are excited to bring persuasion AI to life.”

“ChipBrain’s disruptive AI technology has the potential to transform sales teams and capture a significant market opportunity,” commented Cecilia Lenk, ValueSetters CEO. “We’ve really enjoyed working with ChipBrain’s impressive team and are thrilled to be able to continue our collaborative partnership. We look forward to leveraging our strong expertise and resources to help advance ChipBrain’s next stage of growth. We’re excited about what the future holds for ChipBrain.”

About ChipBrain:

ChipBrain’s mission is to empower communicators with augmented persuasion capabilities. ChipBrain’s first product leverages recent advances in deep neural technologies to assess the changing emotional state of customers and provide real-time coaching to sales professionals during client calls. Over time, ChipBrain’s adaptive intelligence platform provides messaging recommendations tailored to each product, customer, and company. Effective communicators close more deals and ChipBrain enhances critical communication skills. For more information, please visit: https://www.chipbrain.com.

About ValueSetters:

ValueSetters is a publicly-traded fintech company dedicated to democratizing private capital markets and empowering entrepreneurs to succeed. We help companies at all stages build, grow and fund their businesses with a full range of services from strategic advice to raising capital. Our team of professional investors offer deep expertise across a range of verticals including biotechnology, technology and public policy. Working together with Netcapital's online private market, our digital marketing experts can help you to raise capital efficiently and effectively. To learn more about how ValueSetters can help your business please visit our website at https://valuesetters.com

The Netcapital funding portal is registered with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), a registered national securities association. For more information, please visit https://netcapital.com.

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