Friday, October 30, 2020

Icosavax Launches COVID-19 Vaccine Program with Preclinical Data and $16.5 Million in New Funding

SEATTLE--()--Icosavax, Inc. today announced the launch of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine program with preclinical data on the company’s VLP vaccine candidate, IVX-411, which comprises a virus-like particle (VLP) displaying the SARS-CoV-2 receptor-binding domain (RBD) in a highly immunogenic array. Icosavax also announced that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has provided a $10 million grant to support the company’s COVID-19 vaccine program through the first in human Phase 1 clinical trial in young and older adults, expected to initiate in mid-2021. In addition, Icosavax received $6.5 million from Open Philanthropy to support development of the company’s vaccine platform technology and COVID-19 vaccine candidate. The company is currently advancing the necessary studies to support regulatory filings and has initiated GMP manufacturing. To enable rapid progress of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate to the clinic, Amgen has agreed to manufacture a key intermediate for initial clinical studies.

“This is truly a great example of the scientific community coming together in a time of exceptional need to fight this pandemic. We are grateful to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Open Philanthropy for their financial support and to Amgen for the supply of a key intermediate for manufacturing,” said Adam Simpson, Chief Executive Officer of Icosavax. “The team at Icosavax is dedicated to advancing vaccines against severe life-threatening respiratory diseases to protect our most at-risk populations. Because VLP vaccines have the potential to induce high-neutralizing antibody titers, our COVID-19 VLP vaccine candidate could be especially important for older adults with age-related declines in immunity.”

Developed by scientists at the University of Washington School of Medicine using structure-based vaccine design techniques invented at the Institute for Protein Design (IPD) at the UW Medicine, IVX-411, the lead vaccine candidate for COVID-19, is a self-assembling protein nanoparticle that displays 60 copies of the SARS-CoV-2 spike (S) glycoprotein receptor-binding domain in a highly immunogenic array. Preclinical data from UW researchers and their collaborators show IVX-411 induces high neutralizing antibody titers in mice after a single administration and further improvement after a second administration (Cell 2020). Titers after the second administration were ten-fold higher than those seen with the soluble SARS-CoV-2 spike protein that forms the basis of many other vaccine candidates. The data also show a strong B-cell response after immunization, critical for immune memory and a durable vaccine effect, with antibodies that target multiple distinct epitopes on the RBD, suggesting potential protection from escape mutations.

“These data highlight that while our VLP-based SARS-CoV-2 vaccine may not be first to market, it has the potential to be a best-in-class vaccine that safely delivers potent and durable immune protection,” said Icosavax co-founder Neil King, Ph.D. Dr. King is also inventor of the computationally designed VLP technology at the Institute for Protein Design, and assistant professor of biochemistry at the UW School of Medicine. “This technology is designed to drive higher neutralizing antibody titers than soluble protein approaches and to create safe, stable, and effective VLP vaccines with simple and scalable manufacturing.”

“It’s clear that we will need a variety of vaccine approaches to effectively fight this novel coronavirus,” said Jean-Paul Prieels, Ph.D., former Senior Vice President of Research and Development at GSK Vaccines and member of the scientific advisory board of Icosavax. “That’s why it’s important to advance not just the fastest but the best vaccine technologies that can deliver safe, effective, and durable protection.”

VLPs enable high-density, multivalent display of antigens in a manner that closely resembles viruses, with an important difference. VLPs contain no genetic material, so they are non-infectious and can provide a safer alternative to live-attenuated or inactivated vaccines. The high yield and stability of the protein components and assembled nanoparticles suggest that manufacture of the nanoparticle vaccines will be highly scalable.

Icosavax has a worldwide license with an exclusive option for IVX-411 in North America and Europe from the University of Washington.

About Icosavax

Icosavax is focused on developing safe and effective vaccines against infectious diseases that cause severe, life-threatening respiratory illnesses. In addition to the COVID-19 vaccine candidate, Icosavax is also advancing IVX-121 into clinical trials as a potential vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) for older adults. The company was founded on breakthrough computationally-designed virus like particle technology developed at the Institute for Protein Design and exclusively licensed from the University of Washington. Icosavax is located in Seattle. For more information, please visit


CerraCap Ventures Invests in Life Science AI Company rMark Bio, Inc.

rMark Bio is at the intersection of technological enablement for better decision making and a consolidating need across life sciences companies for digital solutions to make faster decisions. Since 2016, rMark Bio has partnered to provide products & services to top 20 pharmaceutical companies globally. This strategic investment from CerraCap Ventures is poised to accelerate global expansion to become a major player in the space over the next few years.

"We are joining forces with rMark at the right time. Their solution is well designed for its end users, and the platform is experiencing major expansion. We are bullish about their revenue traction and large iconic client base," shared Ritesh Agarwal, Partner at CerraCap Ventures.

Focusing on the Pharmaceutical market, rMark takes a product-based approach to solve imperative challenges. As industry trends indicate, their capability to expand both vertically and horizontally makes them likely to maximize value for their customers.

Dasher Rattray, Lead Analyst at CerraCap Ventures, added, "Analytics tools built for life sciences companies have largely over-promised and underdelivered on actionable insights. rMark has taken a different approach that we believe will position them to be a massive winner in the space."

Jason Smith, Co-founder and CEO of rMark Bio, shared, "We are excited to work with CerraCap. Their expertise and network will help us continue to expand our global presence and meet our growing customer deliverables."

rMark Bio, Inc. was created to transform the life sciences industries by making artificial intelligence simple to adopt, easy to use and continuously transformative through a holistic approach incorporating strategy, technology and people power. rMark Bio provides services to the top 20 pharmaceutical companies globally and has partnered with industry-leading technology and healthcare organizations. Learn more about rMark Bio at  

CERRACAP VENTURES, Orange county, Calif., based early stage VC specializing in Security, Enterprise Analytics, Health-tech, and Fin-tech investments that predominantly focus on companies in B2B enterprise space. The firm empowers high growth innovative companies by bringing sales from Fortune 1000 Enterprises. They call this unique business model "Sales and Scale" to facilitate purchase orders by connecting portfolio investments with key decision makers.
For media enquiries, please contact:
Name: Nikki Arora
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE CerraCap Ventures

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Erbi Biosystems raises $3.8M to expand their platform of microfluidic bioprocess and bioreactor equipment, which enables ultra-high cell density and continuous processing

WOBURN, Mass., Oct. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Erbi Biosystems, a transformative microfluidic bioprocess instrumentation company based on technology developed at MIT, announced today the closing of a finance round which brings the total investment received to nearly $4M.  The round was led by Jaguar Biotech.

"This new funding allows us to expand manufacturing, sales and support of our existing 2mL, TruePerfusion™ Breez bioreactor, while also funding further development of our technology platform and product pipeline," said Michael Chiu, PhD, CEO of Erbi Biosystems.   "We recently shipped three complete systems to a global biopharma who will use it to improve their media development capabilities, based on our ability to provide discreet system control in a very small footprint," said Kathie Schneider, Director of Product Management at Erbi Biosystems.

Jaguar Biotech, an early investor in Erbi, commented, "We see Erbi's microfluidic platform as the future of bioprocessing.  Erbi Biosystems' innovative and fully automated microfluidic cassette requires little wet ware time for scientists, thus saving time and accelerating process development."

"Further product line extensions to include cell and gene therapies are expected next year," continued Chiu, "where the current cost and lack of scale down tools can limit biotechs to move faster."

About Erbi Biosystems:

  • Focused supporting therapeutic drug manufacturers with tools to accelerate the development  of their processes and therapies.

  • Recently launched its first product, a microfluidic automated system, the Breez bioreactor, in 2020.  Breez delivers concentrated cell density performance that is unrivalled at this scale.  It is perfectly positioned for the expansion of intensified fed batch and continuous processing.

  • Technology of microfluidic sensing and biological liquid handling was initially developed by the founders while at MIT.

Erbi's technology will expand to cover all scaled down unit operations in bioprocessing – drastically diminishing the time and lab space required for process development.  The platform has the potential to transform CAR-T and other autologous therapies, in addition to traditional drugs and biologics, through its capability to work with very small volumes and automated processes.

About Jaguar:
Jaguar is an angel fund with investments in the fiber optic, tech and biotech space.  Contact: John Bonham-Carter, [email protected].

Media Contact – Erbi Biosystems
Kathie Schneider[email protected]

SOURCE Erbi Biosystems

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Has Candor Bootstrapped The Next Billion Dollar Startup?

ATLANTA, Oct. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Candor has been quietly onboarding some of the mortgage industry's biggest, most respected names to bring its Loan Engineering System to market.  Following a 50,000 loan stress test, Candor has demonstrated it can fully underwrite loans with great integrity and without absorbing any underwriting resources.  And those 50,000 loans are backed by $3.8B in defect insurance from Lloyd's of London, eliminating both scratch and dent and repurchase risk.  

"Candor addresses the most significant and hard to solve problem in mortgage manufacturing:  modeling an underwriter's critical thinking," said Thomas Showalter, Candor's CEO.  "Candor is the only mortgage FinTech platform to successfully institutionalize underwriter thought life in a machine.  Using our proprietary, patent pending form of Knowledge Engineering, Candor successfully underwrites a loan to the highest level of integrity with virtually no human assistance."

Candor's clients report per loan cost reductions of >$1,000 and a cycle time reduction of ~20 days, a market demand left unanswered by the glut of offerings in OCR, data validation, and other digitization tools.

"Candor is our client's secret weapon," said Brandie Young, Candor's CMO.  "It's a first mover advantage they play close to the vest.  The low cost to implement levels the playing field between mega and small to mid-size lenders.  Given the broad market appeal, I see Candor evolving into a core lending technology over the next several years."  

Self and Angel-funded Candor, an EBITDA positive company, continues to attract investment dollars as it is poised to address a huge multi-dimensional market with its proprietary, highly effective productivity solution.  The addressable market exceeds $3.1B in processing fees and more than $1.4T in insurance coverage. Candor is structured for aggressive growth and profitability and looks forward to a bright future.

About Candor
Finally, lenders can use a machine to make complex, dynamic lending decisions and underwrite a loan with virtually no human assistance.  Candor's patent-pending Knowledge Engineering Technology models underwriter thought life to automate the critical thinking needed to underwrite a loan.  And every loan Candor underwrites is backed by a Lloyd's of London defect policy.  Follow Candor, or demo Candor


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National Furniture Maker Uhuru Secures Private Equity Investment to Fund Work-From-Home Consumer Furniture Expansion; Accelerate B2B Growth

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Oct. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Uhuru Design, a Brooklyn-based New American Design furniture designer and manufacturer, today announced the closing of $6.9 million in private capital to support its national business-to-business and dealer network and significantly expand its fast-growing direct-to-consumer business. The raise includes a significant cash investment as well as an expanded credit facility and access to additional resources to support organizational growth and go-to-market strategies. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Uhuru has been focused on multi-disciplinary, sustainable design since its founding in 2004 as a high-end custom furniture company. Over the past 10 years, the company has advanced its reputation as a full-service interior design firm with high-profile projects in the commercial, residential and hospitality sectors—including Nike, Shake Shack, NBC and Vice Media.

"The timing of this capital raise was critical to allowing us to lean into the "resimmercial" or work-from-home market that exploded in the wake of COVID-19, while also shoring up our U.S.-based manufacturing that has struggled with intermittent shutdowns and talent shortages," said Leo Lucisano, CEO of Uhuru Design. "It's remarkable to complete a transaction in the current environment, let alone secure funds for near-term and long-term growth, and it's a testament to the Uhuru team, our product differentiation and our design heritage." 

"We are already leveraging this funding to support the launch of new direct-to-consumer products and to support our B2B and dealer and rep channels as our efforts over the last year to build out national distribution pay off, and we make New American Design accessible to design-centric companies and home-office customers alike.  We are excited and grateful for our new partners and for the future of the residential and commercial furniture and design markets."

Boasting a vibrant, influential following of tastemakers and designers, Uhuru offers clients and architect and designer partners access to a global audience seeking a deeper connection with the products they use and the spaces they inhabit. As the trailblazer for New American Design—a bespoke maker movement originated in New York, the company has gained attention for its sustainable approach, utilizing reclaimed and found materials through a narrative design process. By merging bespoke design with streamlined production methods, Uhuru creates and delivers unique interior solutions that live at the apex of work and life.

"At Uhuru, we believe each piece should be conceived, designed and produced to add to the greater good of the world, and we've built collection after collection based on this belief," said Jason Horvath, co-founder, chief creative officer and president of Uhuru. "We are a leader in the New American furniture design movement, and we will continue to push forward with an aggressive growth strategy, while remaining true to our focus on craft, sustainability and innovative design."

Today, Uhuru has design pieces in the Smithsonian American Art Museum and in the Brooklyn Museum's permanent collection and has won numerous awards for its functional high design products. For more information visit:

Media Contact: 
Sawyer Lipari
Lambert & Co.
(313) 309-9500 
[email protected] 

SOURCE Uhuru Design


Lucidum Raises $4M Seed Investment to Automate Asset Discovery and Eliminate Blind Spots Across Cloud, Security and IT Operations

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--Lucidum, the asset discovery company that eliminates blind spots across cloud, security and IT operations, launched today with $4 million in seed funding from GGV Capital and Silicon Valley CISO Investments (SVCI). Lucidum is founded by former security and technology leaders at Splunk and backed by nearly two dozen current or former security and technology leaders to solve the ubiquitous and fundamental challenge of asset discovery and visibility that’s preventing enterprises from efficiently managing, securing, and transforming technology.

“You can’t secure what you can’t see or don’t know about, never mind control costs and their impact on your business. It really is that simple and it’s a challenge I’ve seen firsthand at every organization I’ve worked at or with – it’s the reason we started Lucidum,” said Joel Fulton, CEO and co-founder of Lucidum, and former CISO of Splunk. “Asset visibility is perhaps the most fundamental challenge today in enterprise IT because everything else depends on it. By illuminating every corner of a network – finding even the unknown unknowns – we empower organizations to improve every other aspect of their IT, cloud, and security operations.”

The Lucidum platform employs patent-pending machine learning against a massive volume of pre-existing data to triangulate and provide context about known and unknown computers, mobile devices, cloud environments, IoT devices, microservices, and other technology assets. Without agents or scans, Lucidum identifies anything that stores, processes, or transmits data and answers important questions about where an asset is, what it is, what it’s doing, and how it’s being used.

Through a growing list of integrations with nearly 100 of the most popular tools and platforms already in use by enterprise IT organizations, and an open API, the Lucidum platform feeds IT operations, security, cloud, compliance, finance, and other core disciplines with critical information about the assets it identifies.

“In many ways, Lucidum is like Splunk for asset discovery because of how it ingests a flood of data and condenses it in a way that gives organizations the information and context they need to take action,” said Oren Yunger who leads cybersecurity investments at GGV Capital and is also a founding member of SVCI - both investors in Lucidum. “Beyond its leadership team, one of the very compelling things about Lucidum is its laser focus. While many other companies in the space try to do everything, Lucidum is focused on doing one thing – asset discovery and visibility – extremely well. And that one thing is a critical foundation for everything else.”

As part of Lucidum’s seed funding, Yunger is joining the company’s board of directors.

Lucidum’s co-founders are Joel Fulton, former CISO at Splunk, and Charles Feng, former head of security innovations and data science at Splunk. The founding team brings exceptional experience in IT leadership and machine learning from companies including Boeing, Nordstrom, Symantec, and Google.

Lucidum was built in conjunction with senior security leaders at global organizations across industries. Its investors include CISOs and senior IT leaders at companies including Levi’s, Cerner, Cimpress, Malwarebytes, Ross Stores, Medallia, TaskUs, Signal Sciences Corp., and Rocket Software.

“Effective IT and security management fundamentally starts with understanding what assets we have and what state they’re in,” said Ralph Pyne, head of security at NextRoll, an early access customer. “Lucidum automatically provides us with an accurate, risk-scored picture of our entire environment, including all unknown unknowns. I expect our investment in Lucidum will yield a 10x ROI resulting from greater efficiency of other tools and a more accurate representation of the problems we need to solve.”

“The idea that IT teams can lasso every single new asset brought on the corporate network is one that everyone aspires to but is almost utopian,” said Gary Miller, vice president and head of security at TaskUs, another early access customer. “Based on their vision and track record of identifying how it can be accomplished at Splunk and other companies, this is a problem that Joel and Charles were born to solve. By providing persistent hooks into all systems of record across our ever-changing environment, Lucidum gives us an always-on, centralized asset register that brings IT utopia within reach.”

The Lucidum platform is now available to a limited number of early access customers and a community edition will be available in Q1 2021. For more information or to apply for Lucidum’s early access program, visit

About Lucidum

Lucidum is the asset discovery company that eliminates blind spots across cloud, security, and IT operations. Fortune 500 companies rely on the Lucidum platform and its patent-pending machine learning to discover, triangulate, and identify all assets – even previously unknown unknowns – delivering visibility essential to truly secure, manage, and transform your enterprise. Backed by GGV Capital and Silicon Valley CISO Investments (SVCI), Lucidum is based in San Jose, California. For more information, follow Lucidum on Twitter (@LucidumInc) and LinkedIn (, or visit


LAVLE Receives Funding from Ocean Zero LLC to Further Innovation Across Battery Technology and Energy Storage Sectors

BURLINGTON, Wash., Oct. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- LAVLE, the leading U.S.-based supplier and developer of superior battery technologies and energy storage systems (ESS) for the renewable energy, marine, rail transportation, aviation, defense, and other markets, today announced a round of funding from Ocean Zero, LLC. The investment will further support LAVLE's mission of enabling carbon reduction through its innovative, next generation technologies.

Founded by renowned TED Curator Chris Anderson and science/finance journalist Stephen Petranek, Ocean Zero invests in tech-driven, innovative companies that can speed up the transition to fossil-free sea transportation.

"Ocean Zero is looking for innovative companies that can help catalyze the coming decarbonization of marine transport," Anderson said. "Batteries are a key component in this effort, and we are betting that LAVLE's breakthrough technologies will advance this cause exponentially."

The funding further validates a year of incredible momentum for LAVLE. In June, the company launched its flagship Proteus Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage System (Proteus ESS), designed to overcome the limitations of conventional lithium-ion storage technologies.

"Since inception, LAVLE has sought out partners who mirror our vision of a clean future that is enabled by safe and sustainable energy solutions," said LAVLE CEO Dr. Jason Nye. "There aren't two greater examples of this than Chris Anderson and Stephen Petranek, who built Ocean Zero on the same principles that continue to shape our efforts at LAVLE."

Curator of the TED Conference since 2002, Anderson's recently produced Countdown initiative ( championed the need for the world to get serious about tackling all aspects of the climate crisis. Petranek, in addition to his role as Managing Partner of Ocean Zero, is the former editor-in-chief of the science magazine Discover, which often focused on the threat of CO2 emissions. He is also the former editor-in-chief of the Breakthrough Technology Alert newsletter that ties scientific breakthroughs to investment opportunities.

"Decarbonizing sea transport no longer requires a leap in imaginative engineering and science. It's already been thought out in most cases," Petranek said. "Now we need visionary entrepreneurs to seize on these concepts. Ocean Zero is dedicated to help leaders in this field convert innovation into reality." 

For more information on LAVLE, visit

LAVLE USA, Inc., headquartered in Burlington, WA, is a U.S.-based supplier of battery technologies and energy storage systems (ESS) for the marine, rail, renewable energy, defense and other markets that are significant net generators of greenhouse gases. LAVLE builds a next generation ESS that is safer, longer-lasting, more cost-effective and energy efficient than anything else on the market. LAVLE's innovative technologies are propelling the electrification and hybridization of vessels, machinery, and infrastructure around the world.

Ocean Zero was formed in 2020 to provide inflection point funding for visionary companies dedicated to eliminating fossil fuels from oceans and lakes around the world.

Contact: Jennifer Lyle, [email protected]


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Benson Hill recueille 150 millions de dollars lors de sa ronde de financement de série D pour accélérer l'innovation alimentaire à l'échelle mondiale

- Le financement a été codirigé par Wheatsheaf et GV, avec une importante participation d'investisseurs stratégiques et axés sur la responsabilité sociétale des entreprises (RSE) de la chaîne de valeur agroalimentaire.

- Benson Hill utilisera les fonds pour étendre ses activités commerciales et son moteur d'innovation alimentaire CropOS™ dans plusieurs marchés alimentaires et d'ingrédients.

ST. LOUIS, 30 octobre 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Benson Hill a annoncé la conclusion d'une ronde de financement de série D de 150 millions de dollars dirigée par le Wheatsheaf Group et GV (anciennement Google Ventures). Le moteur d'innovation alimentaire de premier plan CropOS de l'entreprise exploite la diversité génétique de la nature pour développer et commercialiser des aliments et des ingrédients plus sains et plus durables qui profitent aux agriculteurs, aux entreprises alimentaires de toutes sortes et, en fin de compte, aux consommateurs. Cette ronde de financement accélérera les efforts que cette entreprise de technologie alimentaire met en œuvre pour déployer la technologie de sa plateforme, renforcer le déploiement de ses partenaires dans l'ensemble de la chaîne d'approvisionnement et intensifier la commercialisation de produits.

Consultez le communiqué multimédia interactif ici :

La ronde de financement a attiré différents investisseurs qui ont reconnu la valeur du modèle d'affaires stratégique de l'entreprise et sa capacité à influer sur la santé et le bien-être des gens et de la planète grâce aux progrès réalisés dans le système alimentaire. Parmi les investisseurs, nouveaux comme de longue date, on trouve Argonautic Ventures, la Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), Emart, GS Group, Louis Dreyfus Company, iSelect Fund, Fall Line Capital, Mercury Fund, Prelude Ventures, Prolog Ventures, S2G Ventures ainsi que d'autres investisseurs stratégiques et de bureaux familiaux.

Benson Hill exploite la Cloud Biology®, une discipline qui combine la puissance de la science des données, de l'apprentissage machine et des techniques d'intelligence artificielle (IA) avec la génomique et la biologie végétales. CropOS™ est la plateforme qui permet à cette discipline d'exister, en améliorant considérablement la précision et la vitesse de développement des produits. La plateforme technologique et les collaborations de Benson Hill favorisent la création d'aliments et d'ingrédients plus sains et plus durables que recherchent les consommateurs tout en offrant le rendement agricole élevé exigé par les agriculteurs.

« En tant qu'entreprise, notre priorité consiste à investir dans des innovations qui fournissent les calories et l'alimentation appropriées à une population mondiale croissante dans un système alimentaire moins axé sur les produits de base, a déclaré Stephan Dolezalek, directeur exécutif de Wheatsheaf Group. Nous sommes d'avis que la culture et les partenaires qui propulsent Benson Hill auront un grand impact sur les défis en matière de santé et de durabilité qui pèsent sur notre système alimentaire actuel, d'une manière qui profite tant à la société qu'à notre environnement. »

« Nous sommes heureux de contribuer à l'expansion du travail de Benson Hill, qui vise à créer un avenir alimentaire plus durable en tirant parti du potentiel de création de valeur de l'innovation axée sur la technologie, a affirmé Max Clegg, directeur de LDC Innovations, le programme de capital-risque de la Louis Dreyfus Company. Le pouvoir de la génomique et de la diversité génétique est largement inexploité, et nous pensons que la technologie et le modèle de collaboration de l'entreprise améliorent l'efficacité et permettent aux nouveaux produits de se démarquer auprès des intervenants de toute la chaîne de valeur, des agriculteurs aux consommateurs. »

« L'engouement pour les protéines végétales s'observe à l'échelle mondiale », a souligné Hewie Kang, PDG d'Emart, du Shinsegae Group. Les innovations de produits de Benson Hill, en particulier dans les domaines des protéines et de la densité des nutriments, sont sur le point d'accélérer l'adoption d'alternatives végétales. Cet investissement s'inscrit dans la volonté stratégique de concrétiser notre vision consistant à offrir un flux continu d'options alimentaires plus durables et plus saines aux consommateurs du monde entier. »

Grâce à cette nouvelle ronde de financement, Benson Hill pourra continuer de faire avancer la Cloud Biology® et son moteur d'innovation CropOS™, de renforcer les efforts de développement des partenaires, de recruter les meilleurs talents et de propulser le lancement commercial des premières variétés de soja à teneur ultra élevée en protéines en 2021, en plus d'autres produits. Le portefeuille de variétés de soja de haute qualité de l'entreprise comporte toute une série d'attributs de première qualité en demande – meilleure digestibilité, acides gras oméga bons pour le cœur et protéines supérieures – qui sont destinés aux marchés des aliments végétaux, des huiles saines, des aliments pour animaux et de l'aquaculture.

« Dans ce contexte de pandémie, qui a mis en évidence les forces et les faiblesses de notre système alimentaire, notre société est à la croisée des chemins, a déclaré Matt Crisp, chef de la direction de Benson Hill. Tout le monde doit pouvoir faire des choix alimentaires qui procurent du plaisir, rendent plus forts et contribuent à préserver notre environnement. Et le pouvoir de la diversité des plantes et de l'innovation technologique peut contribuer à cette évolution. Nous sommes reconnaissants envers la coalition croissante d'investisseurs, d'intervenants, d'agriculteurs et de partenaires qui reconnaissent l'urgence de la situation et l'occasion que nous avons de réfléchir ensemble et de moderniser la production alimentaire. »

À propos de Benson Hill

Grâce à la Cloud Biology® et à la plateforme CropOS™, Benson Hill offre un moteur d'innovation alimentaire révolutionnaire alliant science des données, apprentissage machine, biologie et génétique. Benson Hill donne ainsi aux innovateurs la possibilité d'exploiter la diversité génétique de la nature, des plantes jusque dans l'assiette, pour qu'ils puissent développer des aliments et des ingrédients plus sains et savoureux qui sont à la fois largement accessibles et durables. Pour en savoir plus, consultez le site ou suivez l'entreprise sur Twitter, à l'adresse @bensonhillinc.

À propos de Wheatsheaf Group
Wheatsheaf Group investit dans des entreprises agroalimentaires en utilisant des capitaux et son expertise et en adoptant une perspective à long terme pour offrir des avantages commerciaux et sociaux durables. Disposant d'une des plus grandes et plus anciennes équipes d'investissement du secteur, Wheatsheaf collabore avec ses sociétés de portefeuille pour améliorer l'efficacité de la production et de la distribution alimentaires et pour développer des technologies et des modèles d'affaires innovants permettant d'offrir des aliments abordables, nutritifs et sans danger qui préservent tant la santé humaine que de la planète. Grâce au déploiement commercial de ces modèles d'affaires et de ces technologies à grande échelle, Wheatsheaf s'efforce d'offrir des solutions durables pour relever l'un des défis les plus pressants de la société moderne : fournir des aliments sains et nutritifs pour répondre aux exigences d'une population mondiale en pleine évolution. Wheatsheaf Group fait partie de Grosvenor Estate.

À propos de Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC)
LDC est une entreprise de distribution et de transformation de produits agricoles de premier plan. Misant sur sa portée mondiale et son vaste réseau d'actifs pour servir les clients et les consommateurs du monde entier, LDC s'efforce d'offrir les bons produits au bon endroit et au bon moment – de façon responsable et fiable et en toute sécurité. Ses activités s'étendent sur toute la chaîne de valeur, de la ferme à l'assiette, et sur une vaste gamme de secteurs d'activité (plateformes). Depuis 1851, son portefeuille s'est élargi pour inclure les céréales et oléagineux, le café, le coton, le jus, le riz, le sucre, le fret et les marchés mondiaux. LDC contribue à nourrir et à vêtir quelque 500 millions de personnes chaque année en produisant, transformant et transportant environ 80 millions de tonnes de produits. Structurée comme une organisation matricielle composée de six régions géographiques et de huit plateformes, LDC est active dans plus de 100 pays et emploie environ 18 000 personnes dans le monde.

À propos d'Emart
Basée en Corée, Emart est un détaillant multiformat rassemblant Emart Hypermarkets, Emart Traders, un modèle de vente au détail en entrepôt, Shinsegae Food, qui possède des installations de production, des canaux de distribution alimentaire, des franchises internationales de restauration et de boissons, les épiceries Emart24, les petites épiceries Emart Everyday, des complexes de centres commerciaux haut de gamme, Starbucks Korea et SSG.COM (centre commercial en ligne). Ce portefeuille lui permet de vastes interactions avec les consommateurs, ce qui s'explique par le fait que la moitié des Coréens du Sud visitent ses établissements chaque mois et que 20 millions de membres utilisent activement sa carte de fidélité. Outre en Corée, Emart est également présente en Asie, notamment au Vietnam, en Mongolie, aux Philippines et en Chine. Par l'intermédiaire de sa division Global Sourcing, Emart exploite plusieurs bureaux à l'étranger, dont Emart America Inc., une entité basée aux États-Unis qui fait entrer des produits destinés à l'exportation et à l'importation au nom de toutes les sociétés affiliées d'Emart. Aux États-Unis, Emart exploite des épiceries haut de gamme sous le nom de Bristol Farms, Metropolitan Market, New Seasons Market et d'autres par l'intermédiaire de sa filiale Good Food Holdings. Pour en savoir plus, consultez le site

Logo –

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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Capital Drawn to the Science City, CIVC 2020 Brought to a Successful Close

CONGQING, China, Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The past three days have witnessed one opening ceremony and main forum, one closed-door meeting, five thematic forums, one project roadshow, exhibitions and demonstrations through the whole event, nearly a hundred VC industry leaders from China and other countries, delegates from 500 enterprises of different industries and sectors, an online audience of nearly 10 million professionals, 15 VC projects signed with a total contract value of up to RMB 67.555 million, and 118 enterprise projects with financing needs matched with investment institutions. On October 24, Chongqing International Venture Conference (CIVC) 2020 came to a successful close at Western (Chongqing) Science City.

The conference took the theme of "Intelligence• Innovation• Entrepreneurship: Explore Western (Chongqing) Science City". It was hosted by Western (Chongqing) Science City, co-organized by Chongqing Science and Technology Bureau, Chongqing Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, and the People's Government of Shapingba District, Chongqing, and implemented by IDG World Expo China.

Expertise and Attention from Global VC Institutions Drawn to West China

Opinions on international VC forms, the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle, and investment opportunities in Chongqing were shared by delegates from international and domestic VC organizations and institutions, including Hugo Shong, founding chairman of IDG Capital; Haitao Jin, chief managing partner of Qianhai Fund of Funds; Jim Breyer, founder of Breyer Capital; Michael Yi, partner and co-CIO of Hillhouse Capital Group; Bing Xiao, president of Fortune Capital; Wenzhong Zhang, founder of Wumart Stores, chairman of Dmall, founding chairman of Taikang Group, and angel investor of Mashang Consumer Finance Co., Ltd.; Guangfu Cui, partner of IDG Capital; Hao Chen, president of Legend Capital; Ruigang Li, founding partner of CMC Capital Group; Zhengdong Ni, chairman and founder of Zero2IPO Group; James Shen, vice president of Qualcomm and managing director of Qualcomm Ventures; Wei Li, founding partner and chairman of Green Pine Capital Partners; Min Wang, Changjiang Scholar, distinguished professor, deputy director of the Academic Committee of Central Academy of Fine Arts, and founding partner of Huajin Huiyuan Management Fund.

At the conference, delegates from investment institutions such as IDG Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, and Hillhouse Capital Group noted that more than paying attention to Chongqing, they were working to introduce a number of enterprises to develop in the city. Moreover, they will facilitate the matchmaking between the leading companies that they have invested in and Chongqing, to extend the ecological development chain of the companies to Central-West China. They will further expand their investment presence in Chongqing and enlarge their investment scale to grasp the development opportunities of the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle.

Mr. Ran Peleg, Consul General of Israel to Chengdu, made a detailed introduction to the innovative development and VC situation in his country. In his eye, Chongqing is an energetic city driven by innovation and the central city in the development of West China, which enjoys and will enjoy great development space and opportunities. He said, Israel will further deepen the cooperation with Chongqing, to develop mutual exchanges and cooperation in technology and enterprises based on the national and regional development characteristics of industries and sectors, jointly promoting great development and cooperation.

Identifying VC Trends and New Visions from Multiple Perspectives

As an old saying in Chinese goes, "One should never be unduly elated by victory or depressed by defeat." CIVC set five thematic forums, namely, VC Forum, Enterprise Growth Empowered by PE/M&A, Capital + Chengdu-Chongqing New Economy, Fintech Innovation Investment & Post-investment Enterprises Growth, and "Cloud Forum": Exploring Chongqing to Discover the Power of Innovation, where delegates from investment institutions discussed new VC trends.

At the VC Forum, Mr. James Shen, vice president of Qualcomm and managing director of Qualcomm Ventures, delivered a speech titled "Investment Strategy of Qualcomm Ecology". He noted in the speech that in 5G application and empowerment, there are four aspects worth of attention, namely, terminal AI, XR and multimedia, autopilot and robots, IoT and IoV. The investment in terminal AI emphasizes vertical platforms, typical application, and key technology. In terms of XR and multimedia, Qualcomm favors scenario-based investment and pays attention to new business models. In autopilot and robots, attention should be placed on the application scenarios of remote sites; while in IoT and IoV, on the scenarios of companies' private network. Western (Chongqing) Science City can provide some scenarios to facilitate such kind of entrepreneurship. Qualcomm's VC fund in the 5G ecosystem is valued USD 200 million and the company is willing to exchange with startups in 5G and 5G-related industries for common development.

In his speech at the forum on Enterprise Growth Empowered by PE/M&A, Mr. Dave Chen, founder, CEO, and managing partner of Oceanpine Capital, noted that most clients of hard and core technology are in traditional industries, representing markets worth of over RMB 1 billion. To satisfy the needs of each of these markets, one must truly understand the industry and the sector. Hard and core technology start-ups must be connected to resources and technology of the industry. Despite outstanding products and technology, many young entrepreneurs fail to match with those giant clients and companies due to a lack of experience in the industry; as a result, they go on a hard road and are even harder to be successful. Therefore, it is important to understand industries and match resources.

At the forum on Fintech Innovation Investment & Post-investment Enterprises Growth, Mr. Ge Yang, founding partner of Sky Saga Capital, delivered a speech titled "Market Investment Opportunities and New Trends of Scientific and Technological Innovation". In his view, "New Infrastructure", the new term created by the state this year, refers the construction of fundamental environment for AI, intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine, and other industries to develop in the next 50 years, including the environment of finance, sector science and technology, R & D, industries, which is worth paying attention to.

At the "Cloud Forum": Exploring Chongqing to Discover the Power of Innovation, Mr. Steve Hoffman, entrepreneur from Silicon Valley, U.S., angel investor, and founder of the Silicon Valley incubator Founders Space, delivered a speech in VCR. He said, when choosing an investment target, he will not focus on the technology. Mr. Hoffman will not recommend an entrepreneur to develop technology, as it requires years or even decades. What he cares is whether an entrepreneur is able to discover – to discover some technology and put it into use, use it in new ways, to solve the business problems that really matter.

Jointly Promoting Industrial Development in Chongqing and Looking Forward

As the venue of this conference, Western (Chongqing) Science City introduced relevant financial policies in the Implementation Plan for the Financial Support for the Construction of Western (Chongqing) Science City at the opening ceremony. According to the policies, long-term funds such as those of wealth management subsidiaries of banks as sources of VC funds are encouraged; loans + forwards are supported; there will be innovative science and technology lending; and it is encouraged to carry out special examination for financial institutions. The required proportion of local investment of government-shared funds will be lower; pilots of fund share transfer in the regional equity trading market will be carried out; and pilots of tax concession for VC companies are in the pipeline. Rewards will be granted to institutions that obtain domestic financial licenses; subsidies will be granted to entering banks, insurers, and equity investment funds; risk compensation of up to 50% will be granted to equity investment institutions that fail in investment. For an enterprise, it will receive interest discount for loans in the early stage, subsidies at different milestones in the processing of going public, and rewards for the release of IPO and follow-up refinancing. With 64 policies and opinions in four aspects, Western (Chongqing) Science City has made the most sincere gesture, providing policy guarantees in guiding financial capital to boost industrial upgrades and development.

To accelerate the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle, Chongqing has made early planning and layout. At CIVC 2020, a number of capital VC projects were signed. Chongqing Industry Guiding Fund, Chongqing Angel Investment Guiding Fund, Chongqing Yufu Holding Group, and Chongqing Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone signed 15 cooperation agreements with IDG Capital, Green Pine Capital Partners, Linghang Ventures, CMB International, and BOE Technology Group. The investment, with a total contract amount of up to RMB 67.555 billion, involves the fields of next-generation IT, intelligent manufacturing, advanced equipment, new energy, new materials, industrial Internet, AI, biomedicine, TMT, integrated circuit, power equipment.

At the Roadshow of Chongqing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Projects, 10 local high-quality innovation enterprises and projects from Chongqing in biomedicine, semiconductor, energy, and electronic technology were presented. Delegates from top investment institutions from home and abroad attended the session and offered comments as VC mentors. Several outstanding projects were recognized by the mentors and will have opportunities for deeper cooperation. The roadshow also attracted attention from managers of Chongqing Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Scientific Attaché at the Consulate General of Italy, and many industry elites, who attended the session as guests.

To build a bridge that connects enterprises and investment institutions, the conferences set up exhibition and demonstration zones. In those zones, delegates from 118 enterprises with financing needs provided visitors with demonstration of and introduction to relevant technology, products, and projects. On the site, delegates from investment institutions had in-depth understanding and inquiries of the projects. Many investment institutions had investment intentions for relevant projects and will deepen the engagement for any possible cooperation opportunities.

The conference drew intensive attention from VC institutions from all over the world to Western (Chongqing) Science City. It presented the current development trends in VC and the layout of industrial development. In the future, it is hoped that the investment institutions will turn their attention into investment practice and that VC institutions will move their investment layout westwards, to support Chongqing's development together with Western (Chongqing) Science City.



Benson Hill sichert sich 150 Millionen USD in Serie-D-Finanzierungsrunde, um weltweite Lebensmittelinnovationen voranzutreiben

- Die Finanzierung wurde von Wheatsheaf und GV unter weitreichender Beteiligung von Investoren aus den Bereichen Strategie und Umwelt, Soziales und Governance (ESG) der gesamten Wertschöpfungskette für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft gemeinsam geleitet.

- Benson Hill wird die Mittel verwenden, um seine Geschäftstätigkeit und seine Plattform für Lebensmittelinnovation, CropOS™, auf mehreren Lebensmittel- und Zutatenmärkten auszubauen.

ST. LOUIS, 29. Oktober 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Benson Hill hat den Abschluss einer Serie-D-Finanzierungsrunde im Wert von 150 Millionen USD bekannt gegeben, die von der Wheatsheaf Group und GV (ehemals Google Ventures) geleitet wurde. Das führende Lebensmittelinnovationssystem des Unternehmens, CropOS™, nutzt die genetische Vielfalt der Natur, um gesündere und nachhaltigere Lebensmittel und Zutaten zu entwickeln und zu vermarkten, von denen Landwirte, Lebensmittelunternehmen aller Art und letztendlich die Verbraucher profitieren. Diese Finanzierungsrunde wird die Bemühungen des Food-Tech-Unternehmens beschleunigen, seine Plattformtechnologie erweitert einzusetzen und sowohl die Partnerentwicklung in der gesamten Lieferkette als auch Produktkommerzialisierung voranzutreiben.

Lesen Sie hier die interaktive Multichannel-Pressemitteilung:

Für die Finanzierungsrunde interessierten sich verschiedene Investoren, die das strategische Geschäftsmodell und das Potenzial des Unternehmens erkannt haben, durch Fortschritte im Lebensmittelsystem die Gesundheit und das Wohlbefinden der Menschen zu fördern und sich gleichzeitig für den Schutz der Umwelt einzusetzen. Zu den neuen und wiederkehrenden Investoren gehörten Argonautic Ventures, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), Emart, GS Group, Louis Dreyfus Company, iSelect Fund, Fall Line Capital, Mercury Fund, Prelude Ventures, Prolog Ventures, S2G Ventures sowie weitere strategische und Family-Office-Investoren.

Benson Hill nutzt Cloud Biology®, eine Methode, die Datenwissenschaft, maschinelles Lernen und KI-Techniken mit Pflanzenbiologie und Genomik kombiniert. CropOS™ ist die Plattform, mit der diese Methode umgesetzt werden kann und die Präzision und Geschwindigkeit der Produktentwicklung erheblich beschleunigt. Die Technologieplattform und die Partnerschaften von Benson Hill ermöglichen die Schaffung gesünderer und nachhaltigerer Optionen für Futtermittel, Lebensmittel und Zutaten, die die Verbraucher suchen, und liefern gleichzeitig die hohen Ernteerträge, die die Landwirte fordern.

„Als Unternehmen konzentrieren wir uns darauf, in Innovationen zu investieren, die die notwendigen Kalorien und Nährstoffe für eine wachsende Weltbevölkerung in einem weniger rohstoffgetriebenen Lebensmittelsystem liefern", erklärte Stephan Dolezalek, Geschäftsführer der Wheatsheaf Group. „Wir glauben, dass die Kultur und die Partner, die Benson Hill vorantreiben, einen erheblichen Einfluss auf die Probleme in Bezug auf Gesundheit und Nachhaltigkeit haben werden, die unser derzeitiges Nahrungsmittelsystem belasten, und damit der Gesellschaft und unserer Umwelt zugute kommen werden."

„Wir freuen uns, einen Beitrag zur Ausweitung der Arbeit von Benson Hill und damit zur Förderung einer nachhaltigen Zukunft von Lebensmitteln zu leisten, indem das Wertschöpfungspotenzial technologiebasierter Innovationen genutzt wird", erklärte Max Clegg, Leiter des Corporate Venture Capital-Programms der Louis Dreyfus Company, LDC Innovations. „Die Leistungen der Genomik und der genetischen Vielfalt sind bisher weitgehend ungenutzt, und wir glauben, dass die Technologie und das Kooperationsmodell des Unternehmens den Interessengruppen über die gesamte Wertschöpfungskette hinweg, von den Landwirten bis hin zu den Endverbrauchern, die Effizienz und die Differenzierung neuer Produkte ermöglichen."

„Die Bewegung für pflanzliche Proteine ist weltweit im Wachstum", so Hewie Kang, CEO von Emart (Shinsegae Group). „Die Produktinnovationen von Benson Hill, insbesondere im Bereich der Protein- und Nährstoffdichte, sollen dazu beitragen, die Einführung pflanzlicher Alternativen weiter zu beschleunigen. Unsere Investition spiegelt die strategische Absicht wider, unsere Vision, den Verbrauchern weltweit konstant nachhaltigere und gesündere Lebensmittel anzubieten, in die Tat umzusetzen."

Mit dieser neuen Finanzierungsrunde wird Benson Hill sowohl Cloud Biology® als auch das Innovationssystem CropOS™ weiter vorantreiben, die Bemühungen zur Partnerentwicklung verstärken, weitere Top-Talente rekrutieren und die kommerzielle Einführung der ersten Sojabohnensorten mit ultrahohem Proteinanteil im Jahr 2021 ankurbeln. Weitere Produkteinführungen sollen folgen. Das Portfolio des Unternehmens an hochwertigen Sojabohnensorten bietet eine breite Palette an gefragten Premium-Charakteristika, darunter eine bessere Verdaulichkeit, Omega-Fettsäuren für ein gesundes Herz und ein höherer Proteinanteil. Diese kommen den Märkten für pflanzliche Lebensmittel, gesunde Öle, Tierfutter und Aquakultur zugute.

„Unsere Gesellschaft befindet sich an einem Scheideweg, der durch die Pandemie, die sowohl die Stärken als auch die Schwachstellen unseres Nahrungsmittelsystems aufgedeckt hat, noch sichtbarer geworden ist", erläuterte Matt Crisp, CEO von Benson Hill. „Lebensmittelentscheidungen, die unser Wohlbefinden fördern, uns stärken und zum Schutz unserer Umwelt beitragen, müssen für alle zugänglich sein. Die Kraft der Pflanzenvielfalt und die technologische Innovation können dazu beitragen, diese Entwicklung voranzutreiben. Wir sind dankbar für das wachsende Bündnis an Investoren, Interessenvertretern, Landwirten und Partnern, die die Dringlichkeit und die Chance der jetzigen Phase erkennen, gemeinsam zu denken und die Lebensmittelproduktion zu modernisieren."

Informationen zu Benson Hill
Benson Hill ist der Anbieter der Cloud Biology®- und der CropOS™-Plattformen, einem führenden, innovativen System im Bereich der Lebensmittelindustrie, das Datenwissenschaft und maschinelles Lernen mit Biologie und Genetik kombiniert. Benson Hill befähigt Innovatoren dazu, die genetische Vielfalt der Natur über den gesamten Prozess von der Pflanze bis zum Teller für sich zu nutzen, um gesündere, geschmackvolle Lebensmittel und Zutaten herzustellen, die für die Allgemeinheit zugänglich und nachhaltig sind. Weitere Informationen dazu finden Sie auf oder auf Twitter unter @bensonhillinc.

Informationen zu Wheatsheaf Group
Die Wheatsheaf Group investiert in Lebensmittel- und Landwirtschaftsunternehmen und nutzt Kapital und Fachwissen mit einer weitsichtigen Perspektive, um dauerhaften wirtschaftlichen und sozialen Nutzen zu erzielen. Mit einem der größten und am längsten etablierten Investmentteams der Branche arbeitet Wheatsheaf mit seinen Portfoliounternehmen zusammen, um die Produktion und den Vertrieb von Lebensmitteln effizienter zu gestalten. Außerdem werden innovativere Geschäftsmodelle und Technologien zur Bereitstellung erschwinglicher, nahrhafter und sicherer Lebensmittel entwickelt, die sowohl die menschliche Gesundheit als auch die unseres Planeten erhalten. Durch den kommerziellen Einsatz solcher Geschäftsmodelle und Technologien in großem Maßstab arbeitet Wheatsheaf daran, dauerhafte Lösungen für eine der dringendsten Herausforderungen der modernen Gesellschaft zu finden: Gesunde, nahrhafte Lebensmittel anbieten zu können, die den Anforderungen einer sich verändernden Weltbevölkerung gerecht werden. Die Wheatsheaf Group ist Teil des Grosvenor Estate.

Informationen zu Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC)
LDC ist ein führender Händler und Verarbeiter von Agrargütern. Das Unternehmen nutzt seine globale Reichweite und sein umfassendes Produktionsnetzwerk, um Kunden und Verbrauchern auf der ganzen Welt seine Dienstleistungen anzubieten und arbeitet daran, die richtigen Produkte zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort zu liefern – sicher, verantwortungsbewusst und zuverlässig. Die Aktivitäten des Unternehmens erstrecken sich über die gesamte Wertschöpfungskette vom Erzeuger zum Verbraucher und decken ein breites Spektrum an Geschäftsbereichen (Plattformen) ab. Seit 1851 umfasst das LDC-Portfolio Getreide und Ölsaat, Kaffee, Baumwolle, Saft, Reis, Zucker, Fracht und internationale Märkte. LDC trägt jährlich zur Ernährung und Bekleidung von etwa 500 Millionen Menschen bei, indem das Unternehmen rund 80 Millionen Tonnen Produkte herstellt, verarbeitet und transportiert. Das Unternehmen ist als Matrixorganisation aus sechs geografischen Regionen und acht Plattformen strukturiert und in über 100 Ländern aktiv. Es beschäftigt weltweit rund 18.000 Mitarbeiter.

Informationen zu Emart
Emart mit Hauptsitz in Korea ist ein Multiformat-Einzelhändler, zu dem Emart Hypermarkets, Emart Traders (ein Lagereinzelhandelsmodell), Shinsegae Food (Eigentümer von Produktionsstätten, Vertriebskanäle für Lebensmittel, internationale Restaurant- und Getränke-Franchise-Unternehmen) sowie Emart24-Lebensmittelgeschäfte, Emart Everyday (kleine Lebensmittelgeschäfte), gehobene Einkaufszentren, Starbucks Korea und SSG.COM (ein Online-Einkaufszentrum) gehören. Das Portfolio bietet umfangreiche Kundeninteraktionen, die sich aus monatlichen Einkaufsgängen der Hälfte der südkoreanischen Bevölkerung sowie 20 Millionen aktiven Mitgliedern der Kundenkarte ergeben. Neben Korea verfügt Emart auch über Einzelhandelsgeschäfte in anderen asiatischen Ländern, darunter Vietnam, die Mongolei, die Philippinen und China. Emart betreibt über seine Global Sourcing-Abteilung mehrere Niederlassungen in Übersee, darunter Emart America Inc., ein in den USA ansässiges Unternehmen, das im Auftrag aller Emart-Partner Produkte ein- und ausführt. In den USA betreibt Emart über seine Tochtergesellschaft Good Food Holdings Premium-Lebensmittelgeschäfte unter dem Namen Bristol Farms, Metropolitan Market, New Seasons Market und andere. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter

Logo -

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Benson Hill levanta $150 milhões na rodada de financiamento da Série D para acelerar o ritmo da inovação em alimentos em escala global

ST. LOUIS, 29 de outubro de 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Benson Hill anunciou o fechamento de uma rodada de financiamento da Série D no valor de $150 milhões liderada pelo Wheatsheaf Group e o GV (anteriormente, o Google Ventures). O principal mecanismo de inovação de alimentos da empresa o CropOS™ aproveita a diversidade genética da natureza para desenvolver e comercializar opções de alimentos e ingredientes mais saudáveis e sustentáveis que beneficiam agricultores, empresas de alimentos de todos os tipos e, por fim, os consumidores. Esta rodada de financiamento vai acelerar os esforços da empresa de tecnologia de alimentos para implementar a tecnologia de sua plataforma, expandir o desenvolvimento de parceiros em toda a cadeia de suprimento e expandir os esforços de comercialização dos produtos.

Veja o comunicado de notícias multicanal interativo aqui:

A rodada de financiamento atraiu diversos investidores que reconhecem o modelo de negócios estratégico da empresa e o potencial para impactar a saúde e o bem-estar das pessoas e do planeta por meio de avanços no sistema alimentar. Entre os investidores novos e antigos estavam as empresas: Argonautic Ventures, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), Emart, GS Group, Louis Dreyfus Company, iSelect Fund, Fall Line Capital, Mercury Fund, Prelude Ventures, Prolog Ventures, S2G Ventures e estratégias adicionais e investidores em administração de patrimônio familiar.

A Benson Hill aproveita o Cloud Biology®, uma disciplina que combina o poder da ciência de dados, aprendizado de máquina e técnicas de IA com biologia vegetal e genômica. A CropOS™ é a plataforma que torna essa disciplina acionável, acelerando significativamente a precisão e a velocidade do desenvolvimento do produto. A plataforma de tecnologia e as colaborações da Benson Hill possibilitam a criação de opções de ração, alimentos e ingredientes mais saudáveis e sustentáveis que os consumidores procuram, ao mesmo tempo em que oferece um forte desempenho de safra que os agricultores exigem.

"Como empresa, estamos focados em investir em inovação que forneça as calorias e nutrientes certos para uma crescente população global em um sistema alimentar menos orientado a commodities", disse Stephan Dolezalek, diretor executivo do Wheatsheaf Group. "Sentimos que a cultura e os parceiros que impulsionam a Benson Hill terão um impacto significativo sobre os desafios de saúde e sustentabilidade que sobrecarregam nosso sistema alimentar atual de uma forma que beneficia a sociedade e nosso meio ambiente."

"Estamos entusiasmados em contribuir para o aumento do trabalho da Benson Hill para promover um futuro sustentável dos alimentos, percebendo o potencial de criação de valor da inovação habilitada pela tecnologia", disse Max Clegg, chefe do programa de capital de risco corporativo da Louis Dreyfus Company, LDC Innovations. "O poder da genômica e da diversidade genética é amplamente inexplorado, e acreditamos que a tecnologia e o modelo colaborativo da empresa desbloqueiam eficiências e diferenciação de novos produtos para as partes interessadas em toda a cadeia de valor, dos fazendeiros até os consumidores finais."

"O movimento das proteínas derivadas de plantas é em escala global", disse Hewie Kang, CEO da Emart, Shinsegae Group. "As inovações de produto da Benson Hill, especialmente na área de proteína e densidade de nutrientes, estão prontas para ajudar a acelerar ainda mais a adoção de alternativas derivadas de plantas. Nosso investimento reflete uma intenção estratégica de ajudar a concretizar a visão de oferecer um fluxo constante de opções de alimentos mais sustentáveis e saudáveis para o consumidor global."

Com esta nova rodada de financiamento, a Benson Hill continuará a avançar o Cloud Biology® e seu mecanismo de inovação CropOS™, amplificar os esforços de desenvolvimento dos parceiros, continuar a recrutar os melhores talentos e impulsionar o lançamento comercial das primeiras variedades de soja com ultra alta proteína em 2021, entre outros lançamentos de produtos. O portfólio da empresa de variedades de soja de alta qualidade oferece uma variedade completa de atributos de alto padrão em demanda, incluindo melhor digestibilidade, ácidos graxos ômega saudáveis para o coração e mais proteína que atendem aos mercados de alimentos à base de plantas, óleos saudáveis, ração animal e aquicultura.

"Como sociedade, estamos em uma encruzilhada que fica mais evidente à medida que a pandemia revela pontos fortes e vulnerabilidades em nosso sistema alimentar", disse Matt Crisp, CEO da Benson Hill. "As escolhas alimentares que geram prazer, nos tornam mais fortes, ajudam a preservar o meio ambiente e precisam ser acessíveis a todos; e o poder da diversidade das plantas e da inovação tecnológica pode ajudar a impulsionar essa evolução. Agradecemos a crescente coalizão de investidores, interessados, agricultores e parceiros que reconhecem a urgência e a oportunidade deste momento de pensar de forma colaborativa e modernizar a produção de alimentos."

Sobre a Benson Hill
A Benson Hill impulsiona os alimentos com a Cloud Biology® e a plataforma CropOS ™, um mecanismo líder de inovação em alimentos que combina ciência de dados e aprendizado de máquina com biologia e genética. A Benson Hill capacita os inovadores a desbloquear a diversidade genética da natureza, da planta ao prato, com o objetivo de criar opções de alimentos e ingredientes mais saudáveis e saborosos que sejam amplamente acessíveis e sustentáveis. Mais informações pode ser encontradas no site ou no Twitter @bensonhillinc.

Sobre o Wheatsheaf Group
O Wheatsheaf Group investe em negócios de alimentos e agricultura empregando capital e experiência com uma perspectiva prudente para oferecer benefícios sociais e comerciais duradouros. Com uma das maiores e mais antigas equipes de investimento do setor, o Wheatsheaf faz parceria com as empresas do seu portfólio para criar eficiências na produção e distribuição de alimentos; desenvolvendo modelos de negócios e tecnologias inovadores para fornecer alimentos acessíveis, nutritivos e seguros que sustentem a saúde dos seres humanos e a saúde do planeta. Ao implementar esses modelos de negócios e tecnologias comercialmente em escala, o Wheatsheaf trabalha para oferecer soluções duradouras para enfrentar um dos desafios mais urgentes da sociedade moderna: fornecer alimentos saudáveis e nutritivos para atender às demandas de uma população global em transição. O Wheatsheaf Group faz parte do Grosvenor Estate.

Sobre a Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC)
A LDC é um importante comerciante e processador de produtos agrícolas. Potencializando seu alcance global e extensa rede de ativos para atender clientes e consumidores em todo o mundo, a empresa trabalha para entregar os produtos certos no local certo, na hora certa com confiança, segurança e responsabilidade. Suas atividades abrangem toda a cadeia de valor, da fazenda à mesa, em uma ampla variedade de linhas de negócios (plataformas). Desde 1851, seu portfólio tem crescido para incluir grãos e sementes oleaginosas, café, algodão, suco, arroz, açúcar, frete e mercados globais. A LDC ajuda a alimentar e vestir cerca de 500 milhões de pessoas todos os anos, originando, processando e transportando aproximadamente 80 milhões de toneladas de produtos. Estruturada como uma organização matricial formada por seis regiões geográficas e oito plataformas, a empresa atua em mais de 100 países e emprega aproximadamente 18 mil pessoas em todo o mundo.

Sobre a Emart
A Emart, empresa com sede na Coreia, é um varejista multiformato que inclui os Emart Hypermarkets, o Emart Traders, um modelo de varejo em depósito, a Shinsegae Food, que possui instalações de fabricação, canais de distribuição de alimentos, restaurantes internacionais e franquias de bebidas, lojas de conveniência Emart24, as pequenas mercearias Emart Everyday, complexos de shopping centers de luxo, o Starbucks Coreia e o site SSG.COM (shopping online). Seu portfólio oferece amplas interações com o consumidor, derivadas de visitas mensais de metade da população da Coreia do Sul e 20 milhões de membros ativos do seu cartão de fidelidade. Além da Coreia, a Emart também tem presença no varejo na Ásia, incluindo Vietnã, Mongólia, Filipinas e China. A Emart, por meio de sua divisão de Global Sourcing, opera vários escritórios no exterior, incluindo a Emart America Inc., uma entidade sediada nos Estados Unidos que comercializa produtos para exportação e importação em nome de todas as afiliadas da Emart. Nos EUA, a Emart opera supermercados de luxo sob o nome Bristol Farms, Metropolitan Market, New Seasons Market e outros por meio de sua subsidiária Good Food Holdings. Mais informações podem ser encontradas no

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FONTE Benson Hill

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Vertex Ventures HC Announces the Addition of George Golumbeski, PhD and Faheem Hasnain as Executive Advisors

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Vertex Ventures HC, a healthcare and life sciences venture capital fund investing in transformative innovation, today announced the recent additions of George Golumbeski, PhD and Faheem Hasnain as Executive Advisors.

"Faheem and George bring industry-leading experience in the evaluation and management of early-stage biotech companies with an unparalleled eye for operational excellence and needle-moving innovation," said Lori Hu, Co-Managing Director of Vertex Ventures HC. "We welcome them to the Vertex Ventures HC team as Executive Advisors where they will be an invaluable resource to our investment evaluation processes as well as to our portfolio companies."

Vertex Ventures HC is an independent fund within the worldwide Vertex Ventures fund network, anchored by Singaporean long-term backer, Temasek Holdings, with a specific focus on global investments across biotech, medical devices and digital health. Access to the broader global Vertex Ventures network brings a broad international lens and perspective to investments as well as the ability to scale with companies as they mature and geographically diversify.

"The Vertex Ventures HC approach exemplifies the combination of a grand mission, a healthy level of ambition, and a sense of practicality and humility that are critical when evaluating the complex problems we hope to solve in the biotech industry," said Faheem Hasnain, Executive Advisor of Vertex Ventures HC. "Not only do they have a strong science-first, fundamentals-driven investment philosophy, the team is deeply respectful of the entrepreneurs and scientists they work with and are active partners in helping their companies grow in a holistic way – from globalization to tackling difficult issues such as diversity and representation. I am excited to join this team to engage in long-term collaborative partnerships with healthcare companies focused on overcoming these challenges."

Vertex Ventures HC invests in a diversified portfolio across different therapeutic areas of high unmet medical need, from discovery to clinical stage, and from platform to asset-centric plays. Under the leadership of Co-Managing Directors Lori Hu and Carolyn Ng, PhD, Vertex Ventures HC has raised $320M in committed long term capital to date and has made over 15 investments including Visterra, Inc. (acquired by Otsuka for $430m), Twelve (acquired by Medtronic for $458m), and Obsidian Therapeutics where Bristol Myers Squibb recently exercised their option to an exclusive worldwide license on their first product.

Selected areas of interest and representative investments from the current portfolio include targeted oncology (Boundless Bio and Elevation Oncology), novel cancer biology (Palleon Pharmaceuticals and Twentyeight-Seven Therapeutics), platform technologies (ElevateBio, Obsidian Therapeutics, and Bicycle Therapeutics), orphan diseases (Epirium Bio), and therapeutic devices (Ivantis and Nuvaira).

"It is my pleasure to work with Lori and Carolyn who represent the leading edge of a new wave of female leadership in venture capital," said George Golumbeski, PhD, Executive Advisor of Vertex Ventures HC. "Their thoughtful, balanced approach underlies an investment thesis that draws not only from their deep experiences in the global healthcare industry, but also their forward-thinking understanding of the importance of investment in the next generation of executive leadership."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

"Effective leaders of the future are the product of decades of experience that all must begin with the extension of an opportunity today," said Carolyn Ng, PhD, Co-Managing Director of Vertex Ventures HC. "I am excited to be co-leading our fund that not only leverages deep scientific and clinical expertise to drive investments, but is also an avid advocate for the diversity and mentorship that is necessary to ensure that the healthcare of tomorrow benefits from complete representation. Our existing global reach and connections are now further strengthened by the addition of George and Faheem's experience and network, placing us in a unique position to play a strong role in the evolving healthcare investment ecosystem."

Faheem Hasnain
Mr. Hasnain serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mirati Therapeutics, Aspen Neuroscience, and SENTE. Mr. Hasnian also serves as Lead Independent Director of Kura Oncology. Mr. Hasnain is Co-Founder and Chairman of Gossamer Bio, and has previously served as President, Chief Executive Officer and a director of Receptos, Facet Biotech Corporation, and PDL BioPharma. Mr. Hasnain was the Executive Vice President in charge of the oncology/rheumatology strategic business unit at Biogen Idec. Prior to Biogen Idec, Mr. Hasnain held roles with Bristol-Myers Squibb, where he was President of the Oncology Therapeutics Network, and for 14 years at GlaxoSmithKline and its predecessor organizations. He resides in San Diego, California with his wife Marie. They have two boys.

George Golumbeski, PhD
George Golumbeski holds a PhD in Genetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. George is an industry leader in biopharmaceutical collaborations & business development. In his nearly 30-year career in this sector, George has worked on many medications that have reached the market and are benefiting patients worldwide. George is known globally within the biotechnology industry for his interest in leading-edge science, and his constructiveness / creativity in forging inter-company collaborations. George was most recently Executive Vice President of Business Development for Celgene Corporation, where he and his team were responsible for the full array of worldwide business development activities. George currently serves on the Board of Directors of young biotechnology companies, which are focused on potentially "game-changing therapies". George previously held leadership positions at Novartis, Elan Pharmaceuticals and Schwarz Pharma. George is committed to conservation of the environment and he serves on the Board of Directors of the National Audubon Society.

About Vertex Ventures HC

Vertex Ventures HC is a San Francisco-based venture capital firm investing in life sciences innovation. The firm is an independent fund within the worldwide Vertex Ventures fund network. At Vertex Ventures HC, we invest primarily in global companies developing transformative technologies across biotech, medical devices and digital health. With a focus on areas with significant unmet need, we seek to build great companies that improve the health and quality of human life. We take an active role in our portfolio companies and work with exceptional entrepreneurs, industry partners and fellow venture investors to create value. For more information, please visit

Media Contacts
Name: David Rosen, Argot Partners
Phone: +1 (716) 371-1125
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE Vertex Ventures HC

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