Wednesday, October 14, 2020

CRE Income Fund Launches $20 Million Mid-Market Commercial Real Estate Fund

DALLAS--()--CRE Income Fund today announced the launch of a $20 Million commercial real estate fund, the CRE Diversified Income Fund. The CRE Diversified Income Fund (the “Fund”) will invest in “middle market” U.S. commercial real estate assets that can deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns through a combination of current income and capital appreciation. The “Fund” seeks to achieve above market tax advantaged returns by employing a bottom-up fundamental-based approach within the context of the entire commercial real estate value chain.

The CRE Diversified Income Fund will employ three strategies:

1. Acquire high quality income producing assets at a discount to replacement costs.

2. Grow the operating income through expense control, property improvements, increased occupancy and revenue growth.

3. Sell for a profit or hold for the long term once any outstanding issues are addressed.

At CRE Income Fund we believe that while many investors choose to operate single family rentals, CRE Income Fund can make the investment experience simpler with passive CRE investing.

One of the most common ways investors invest in real estate is to purchase and operate one or more single family houses as rentals. Having purchased their own home, it’s an understandable approach and it’s an approach they understand.

However, for investors seeking a more diversified, balanced and less labor-intensive approach to real estate investing, they may be better off rethinking this strategy and, instead, opting to build a portfolio of passive commercial real estate investments.

Providing our clients with insider-level access to secure commercial investments that offer superior tax advantaged returns and growth potential was the primary purpose in launching the CRE Diversified Income Fund.

About CRE Income Fund

The CRE Diversified Income Fund is available to accredited investors directly or by a recommendation from a Registered Investment Advisor (RIAs) or Financial Advisor. The Fund provides a level of direct access to assets in the medical, industrial and technology industry while combining opportunistic strategies to purchase assets at or below market price. The “Fund” intends to leverage its business model to build substantial value in its assets.


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