Thursday, October 15, 2020

NeuraLegion Raises $4.7M to Fully Automate Application Security for Developers and Enterprises

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- NeuraLegion, an application security platform enabling developers, DevOps professionals and application security specialists to quickly and seamlessly secure web applications and APIs, announced today the close of a $4.7M seed investment. The seed round was led by DNX Ventures, an early stage B2B focused VC firm, with participation from Fusion Fund, J-Ventures, and Incubate Fund.

"NeuraLegion is rationalizing application security for modern development organizations," said Shoham Cohen, Co-Founder and CEO of NeuraLegion. "We're enabling developers, QA professionals & application security specialists to secure their applications and APIs early in the development process, eliminating hours of wasted time looking into detected false positives. To optimize security and speed, remediations and fixes become a native part of an engineers' workflow; that can be accessed through the command line, existing development ecosystems (CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Azure Devops, or CircleCl), ticketing systems such as Jira, or through consoles"

The capital will be used to scale NeuraLegion's next generation solution, enabling the company to build on the modern platform and create the world's best dynamic application security testing (DAST) across discovery, detection, speed and 0-false positives. The funding comes less than a year after entering the US market while achieving more than 100% QoQ growth for the last six straight quarters. The company was founded by cybersecurity and software experts, Shoham Cohen, Bar Hofesh, Art Linkov, and Gadi Bashvitz.

Platform Automatically Integrates Into CI/CD (continuous integration, continuous delivery) To Identify Vulnerabilities

Traditional application security tools rely on a crawler to detect the application surface and are riddled with false positives. This results in significant time spent trying to identify the real vulnerabilities. With NeuraLegion, developers can eliminate the hindrances by securing their applications and APIs early, allowing companies to deploy and adopt DAST solutions fast.

"Along with increasing pressure on DevOps to deploy software faster, security threats to enterprises are rising significantly," said Hiro Rio Maeda, Managing Partner at DNX Ventures. "The only way to solve this problem is to implement an automated, low friction (for DevOps) and 0-false positive security testing solution. The DAST market has been long stalled without any innovative approaches. NeuraLegion's next-generation platform introduces a new way of conducting robust testing in today's modern CI/CD environment."

NeuraLegion's 0-false positives, developer-first solution allows DevOps, engineering & AppSec teams to save significant time and money as they detect and repair  security risks early in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The automated solution identifies vulnerabilities, prioritizes them by importance, and provides remediation guidelines.

"Most security breaches happen at the application layer and unfortunately today, they are detected later in the development process, or in production," said Bar Hofesh, Co-Founder and CTO at NeuraLegion, who was previously a CISO, Ethical Hacker, and Security Researcher. "Application security responsibility is naturally shifting left in organizations to software engineers, yet they lack the automation tools to detect issues and quickly remediate them. NeuraLegion is a developer-first company which helps automate DevSecOps without inflating the engineering backlog. By enabling rapid remediation, we not only save time and reduce the workload for engineers, but also help organizations be more secure at a lower cost," added Bar.

Announcing Free Community Offering

Since its establishment, NeuraLegion has assembled a team of world-class security and DevOps engineers to build the next-generation security platform. The company launched its game-changing platform last year and is already helping the security and engineering teams at dozens of high-growth tech companies automate their DevSecOps work and reduce costs.

Now, with its new funding and the addition of industry veterans to the team, the company is rolling out a self-serve product for developers to sign up in a matter of minutes. The offering reflects NeuraLegion's developer-first, community dedication to offer "significant value" to customers, according to CEO Cohen.

The rollout comes amidst a broader trend of software developers, instead of centralized security teams, handling application security issues inside organizations as applications and APIs are deployed. This is happening as organizations move more IT services and software to the cloud and adopt modern development techniques. This means applications are being developed faster and through multiple new platforms, which leads to more security issues developing.

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About NeuraLegion

NeuraLegion helps significantly improve application security at a lower cost by providing a 0-false positive, AI powered DAST & Fuzzer solutions that are purpose built for modern development environments. We integrate into DevOps environments and enable you to run DAST scans as part of your CI/CD flows to identify a broad set of known (7,000+ payloads) and unknown (0-day) security vulnerabilities. We enable you to scan multiple protocols across Web, mobile & API and are built for developers to provide compliance on every build by providing remediation guidelines for every vulnerability identified. NeuraLegion has offices in San Francisco, London, Mostar (Bosnia) and Tel Aviv Israel.

SOURCE DNX Ventures; NeuraLegion


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