Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Slintel Raises $4.2M in a Funding Round Led By Accel

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Slintel, an intent-powered sales and marketing intelligence platform, has raised $4.2 million in a funding round led by Accel, with participation from Sequoia Capital India and existing investor Stellaris Venture Partners. The announcement comes less than a year after the company secured funding from Stellaris Venture Partners and Powerhouse Ventures.

"Over the past year, Slintel has grown by over 800% and is rapidly capturing more market share in the sales intelligence space," said Deepak Anchala, CEO and founder at Slintel. "The new investment will enable us to double down on our vision of helping sales and marketing teams find buyers that are most likely to engage with them. The investment from this round will be used to strengthen the product and capture market share aggressively, given the velocity at which we have been able to add customers over the last year."

The Slintel Team reported its biggest quarterly earnings number in Q3 2020 despite the turbulence in the market owing to the ongoing global pandemic. "Slintel's growth is driven primarily by the unique value proposition of the product and the demand for it in the market today," said Prayank Swaroop, Partner at Accel. "Over the past few months, we've seen several companies make budget cuts across the board and struggle to improve sales. However, Slintel's platform enables its customers to identify prospects that have a high probability of purchasing their product or service, making it a software that is more important and useful now than ever before."

Slintel helps customers discover and connect with active, high-intent buyers in their market and evaluates billions of data points to derive actionable insights about their target accounts. The company has built a robust engine that captures buyer intent signals at scale and uses predictive algorithms to determine the purchase decisions of prospects. "The team's ability to improve the opportunity pipeline for sales leaders while reducing overall spend has been admirable," said Alok Goyal, Partner at Stellaris Venture Partners. "Deepak and his team have an opportunity to build Slintel into a global leader in their category."

Slintel was founded by Deepak Anchala and Rahul Bhattacharya, who realized that sales and marketing organizations were wasting valuable time and effort chasing prospects with poor chances of conversion.

Slintel already has over 100 customers across North America, South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.

For more information on the product, visit www.slintel.com.

About Slintel: Slintel uses technographic and thematic sales intent signals to help companies identify and reach out to active, high-intent buyers in their target market. Their sales intelligence platform processes billions of data points every week to analyze buyer journeys, technology adoption patterns, thematic intent signals and other digital footprints to uncover high intent buyers.

Slintel's customers have access to the buying patterns and intent signals of millions of companies and their decision-makers across the world. For more information, visit www.slintel.com.

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The Slintel Team
The Slintel Team After the Company Raised $4.2M in a Funding Round Led By Accel

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